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Your personal live brass ensemble

Version 1.2. Infinite Brass requires KONTAKT version 5.7.3. or above.


  • Phase-aligned crossfading, creating a sense of infinite dynamic layers

  • Smart Legato and Non-Linear Scripting

  • Chromatically sampled in 24-bit/48 kHz

  • All solo instruments — create your own section sizes

  • 6 Horns

  • 4 Trumpets

  • 3 Tenor Trombones, 3 Bass Trombones, 3 Contrabass Trombones

  • Tuba, Contrabass Tuba

  • 2 Horn mutes, 5 Trumpet mutes, 5 Trombone mutes, 1 Tuba mute

  • 3 Microphone sets: SPOT, MAIN, AMBIENT, plus a “Mixed” Mic option

  • Over 60 positions across 4 different rooms

    • Large Hall

    • Medium Hall

    • Scoring Stage

    • Studio

  • Transpose options allowing you to fill up all the positions with instruments (30 Horns, 20 Trumpets, 45 Trombones and 10 Tubas total)

  • ~60 MB of RAM use per instrument

  • 9.80 GB of space required (16.42 GB during install)

Simple GUI

A clean, one-page GUI allows you to see and tweak all the controls without unnecessary scrolling. Right-click on any control or use the MIDI Automation tab to re-assign it to a different controller. Combine multiple controllers and create your own playing style. Change the sound, switch the rooms and mutes on-the-fly with any CC controller.

Use Legato Bypass to play chords and sketch out the entire section via 1 patch. Use Mixed Mic to save CPU cycles while working, then use a a CC controller to switch back to your 3-way mic mix before rendering.


A performer’s Dream


One track per instrument is all you need. 95% of the work is done through a relationship between Dynamics (def. CC1), Note Velocity and Note Duration.

Infinite Brass also includes Flutter, Growl and two types of Playable Vibrato. Check the manual for more info.

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All brass instruments in the demos are exclusively INFINITE BRASS.

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Update 1.2 Rundown

Technical Walkthrough (v.1.1)