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Infinite Brass is a collection of next-gen virtual brass instruments that let you play any line exactly as it sounds in your head—right on your keyboard with no keyswitching—and render your performance authentically with a fantastic, clean, modern sound.

Build your own ensembles with 25 individual instruments and 13 different mutes! Whether you prefer a more centered sound for concert works or a wide sound for film and scoring, 58 positions allow you to create your own layout. Choose between 4 different rooms: Large Hall, Medium Hall, Scoring Stage or Studio. The room is generated in real-time through convolution using bespoke impulse responses unique to each position and room, so the ambience is always 100% reflecting the performance. Phase-aligned samples result in no perceived cross-fades between recorded layers; the response is smooth, musical, and sounds just like the real thing.

Infinite Brass was sampled chromatically, meaning that each note was sampled individually, unlike most sample libraries which only sample every other note and then stretch them. Infinite Brass also boasts some of the widest brass instrument ranges on the market and a dynamic range from pp to fff.

With all that taken into account, Infinite Brass instruments are some of the lightest you’ll ever use, totaling at 11.50 GB with only ~60 MB of RAM footprint per instrument and a less-than-average CPU footprint with Mixed Mic enabled due to highly optimized scripting. The future is now!

New Instruments

To start off the planned free instrument expansions, INFINITE BRASS 1.3 adds 2 Bass Trumpets and 2 Euphoniums to the Infinite Brass lineup. Bass Trumpets and Euphoniums use positions from Trumpets and Tubas respectively, so make sure you don't have two instruments in the exact same position playing at the same time.

Improvements and Bugfixes

Most notably, Spot mics for the Medium Hall and the Studio have been re-mixed, and now sound more centered/angular rather than super-wide. Noise models have been updated for all instruments. Trumpet attacks have been improved to sound more natural across all dynamics. Trombone attacks have been made more prominent, especially in the range above the bass clef. Also, the fortissimo layer in the trombones now sounds more rounded and less brittle. The range of the horns has been extended by two semitones (up to high G), and the dynamics curve between mp and mf is now slightly smoother.

There are a few more adjustments and quality-of-life improvements, and you can read the full changelog here.

Hotfix 1.3.1

Some breath fluctuation adjustments across the board, as well as Trombone SPOT mic panning for R and L positions. Horns' soft attack curve adjusted.

How do I update?

Brass and woodwinds in the demos are exclusively from Infinite Brass 1.3.1 and Infinite Woodwinds 1.1. Other instruments were added when necessary. Click on “MORE” next to an entry to preview all available rooms and sonic alternatives, download demo MIDI and learn about the performance and mixing.



Infinite Brass patches use a ridiculously small amount of RAM per-patch, averaging at 60 MB. Enabling the “Mixed Mic” option switches the patch to single-convolution mode at which point the instrument’s CPU usage is less than that of an average KONTAKT patch.

Library size on disk is 11.50 GB and together with tight scripting the patches minimally increase the project size; with all 25 instruments loaded, the project size increase is ~2 MB, which means quick loading.

So taking into account the plug-and-play workflow, low system requirements, expressiveness and vast flexibility, Infinite Series instruments are your ideal pick for lower-end machines or just working on the go, while still achieving a realistic sound.


A clean, one-page GUI allows you to see and tweak all the controls without unnecessary scrolling. Right-click on any control or use the MIDI Automation tab to re-assign it to a different controller. Combine multiple controllers within KONTAKT’s automation tab and create your own playing style. Change the mic mix and switch rooms and character presets on the fly with controllers or expression maps.

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I believe in updating products and continuous evolution of software. I won’t release another line of brass instruments recorded in a different way or in a different space. If you buy Infinite Brass, you will receive all future updates, instrument expansions and room expansions for free.


The end of keyswitching. The sound is the result of a relationship between Dynamics (def. CC1), Note Velocity and Note Duration, allowing you to play a single line in an infinite number of ways, be it short or long notes. The interplay of all these factors also means that the expression will be unique to you—the player.

Infinite Brass also includes playable Flutter, Growl, Vibrato Rate, Vibrato Depth sliders and more.

Pedal-mapped by default, Legato Bypass lets you switch to chord mode easily so you can sketch out a section on the fly without having to record multiple instruments first.


6 Horns

4 Trumpets
2 Bass Trumpets

3 Tenor Trombones
3 Bass Trombones
3 Contrabass Trombones

1 Tuba
1 Contrabass Tuba
2 Euphoniums

25 instruments total


Horns: Straight, Potstop

Trumpets: Straight, Cup, Bucket, Harmon, Harmon Stem Out

Trombones: Straight, Cup, Bucket, Harmon, Harmon Stem Out

Tubas: Straight


  • Full version of KONTAKT 5.7.0 or higher required
  • Chromatically sampled in 24-bit/48 kHz
  • 11.50 GB size on disk
  • ~60MB of RAM usage per instrument
  • 4 rooms with 58 positions per room
  • 3 mic positions
  • "Mixed Mic" option to further reduce CPU usage

  • Interested in the entire series, or you already own an Infinite Series product? Save by purchasing product bundles and learn more about crossgrading on the “Bundles” page!