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A collection of playable virtual instruments for NI Kontakt.


Lifelike virtual instruments at your fingertips

Infinite Series aims to deliver virtual instruments that act almost like the real thing and sound like a recording, straight out-of-the-box. It features a simple and intuitive GUI, 3 different microphone positions for each of more than 60 positions across 4 different rooms that are being simulated in real-time through convolution. Along with phase-aligned crossfading, no more will you have to deal with phasing, rigidity and ambience issues that plague traditionally-recorded samples.

Key features:

  • Phase-aligned crossfading

  • Smart Legato and non-linear scripting

  • 1-click position selection and 4 different rooms

  • 3 mic positions, and a “Mixed” option to save resources

  • ~60 MB of RAM required per solo instrument