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Infinite Woodwinds is the second release in my line of next-gen virtual orchestral instruments. As with Infinite Brass, the goal was to create a collection of expressive virtual instruments that are easy to use and fun to play, allowing for quick results and realistic performances while sounding great out-of-the-box.

Load an instrument, pick a room, choose a position, dial in your preferred mix of microphone sets and you’re good to go. The only thing left is for you to say what you have to say; Infinite Woodwinds can handle it all. With colors from the shrills of the piccolo flute to room-shaking low rumbles of the contrabassoon and contrabass clarinet; dynamics from pianissimo to fortissimo; techniques from flutters and growls to measured or chaotic trills; and vibrato from romantic and passionate to fast and trembling, Infinite Woodwinds lets you give voice to the music in your head right on your keyboard.

Build your own ensembles with 59 available positions per room. Choose between 4 different sonic signatures: a concert-like Medium Hall; a bombastic Scoring Stage characteristic to film music; a clean Studio room; or an over-blown Large Hall ideal for ambient works and effects. The room is generated in real-time through convolution using bespoke impulse responses unique to each position and room, so the ambience is always 100% reflecting the performance. Phase-aligned samples, a main characteristic of Infinite Series instruments, mean there are no perceived cross-fades between recorded layers; the response is smooth, musical, and sounds just like the real thing.

New Instruments

In the first free expansion for Infinite Woodwinds, update 1.1 adds an E-flat clarinet to the Infinite Woodwinds lineup.

Improvements and Bugfixes

Aside from a couple of bugfixes, 1.1 brings about a boatload of improvements for most instruments. Legato has been adjusted so that it's easier to perform softer transitions. Noise models for all flutes have been reworked and the flutes now sound more lively and overall better.
The vibrato engine has been updated and new features have been added. The Progressive Vibrato Rate switch allows the script to create non-linear ramp-ups of vibrato rate on every new note. Also, Dynamics will now interact with overall vibrato intensity in the backend. Both of these will take the load off your shoulders when it comes to using vibrato.

There are a few more adjustments and improvements in 1.1, and you can read the full changelog here.

How do I update?

Woodwinds and Brass in the demos are exclusively from Infinite Woodwinds 1.1 and Infinite Brass 1.3.1. Other instruments were added when necessary. Click on “MORE” next to an entry to preview all available rooms and sonic alternatives, download demo MIDI and learn about the performance and mixing.

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I have spent thousands of dollars on a great many sample libraries in attempts to find one, or combinations of several, that work best with my workflow and composition styles. Simply put, your sample libraries have outdone any other brass and woodwinds libraries that I have used in my various projects. Its simple and easy-to-use nature allowed me to learn it so quickly that I was able to compose an entire piece with it in a mere day. The fact this works so well without the use of keyswitching and excessive manipulation of MIDI CCs is groundbreaking for my workflow, and is a true testament to the impeccable programming and construction of these instruments.
— Ethan Toavs, composer
Infinite Woodwinds is the first library I’ve played where the dynamics and note-to-note movement have immaculate consistency and balance across the board for each instrument. This allows extremely expressive playing where the instruments follow your every whim without question. I’ve never once had to fiddle with or fight against an instrument’s movement to get what I want. .... Being able to load up an instrument and with just two hands proceed to play anything from my favorite scores or anything that comes to mind with little to no resistance is simply amazing.
— Cory Pelizzari, from "Library Spotlight - Infinite Woodwinds"
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Infinite Woodwinds patches use a ridiculously small amount of RAM per-patch, averaging at 40 MB. Enabling the “Mixed Mic” option switches the patch to single-convolution mode at which point an instrument’s CPU usage is less than that of an average KONTAKT patch.

Library size on disk is 8.15 GB and together with tight scripting the patches minimally increase the project size; with all 27 instruments loaded, the project size increase is ~2 MB, meaning quick project loading.


A clean, one-page GUI allows you to see and tweak all the controls without unnecessary scrolling. Right-click on any control or use the MIDI Automation tab to re-assign it to a different controller. Combine multiple controllers within KONTAKT’s automation tab and create your own playing style. Change the mic mix and switch rooms and character presets on the fly with controllers or expression maps.



I believe in updating products and continuous evolution of software. I won’t release another line of woodwind instruments recorded in a different way or in a different space. If you buy Infinite Woodwinds, you will receive all future updates, instrument expansions and room expansions for free.


No keyswitching. The sound is the result of a relationship between Dynamics (def. CC1), Note Velocity and Note Duration, allowing you to play a single line in an infinite number of ways, be it short or long notes. The interplay of all these factors also means that the expression will be unique to you—the player.

Infinite Woodwinds also includes playable Flutter, Growl, Vibrato Rate, Vibrato Depth sliders, as well as Attack Time and Attack Range knobs which allow you to adjust the attack response to your play-style.

Pedal-mapped by default, Legato Bypass lets you switch to chord mode easily so you can sketch out a section on the fly without having to record multiple instruments first.


3 Flutes
1 Piccolo Flute
1 Alto Flute
1 Bass Flute

3 Oboes
1 English Horn
1 Bass Oboe

3 Clarinets
1 E-flat Clarinet
1 Bass Clarinet
1 Contrabass Clarinet

3 Bassoons
1 Contrabassoon

2 Alto Saxophones
2 Tenor Saxophones
2 Baritone Saxophones

27 instruments total


  • Full version of KONTAKT 5.7.0 or higher required
  • Chromatically sampled in 24-bit/48 kHz
  • 8.15 GB size on disk
  • ~40MB of RAM usage per instrument
  • 4 rooms with 59 positions per room
  • 3 mic positions
  • "Mixed Mic" option to further reduce CPU usage

  • Interested in the entire series, or you already own an Infinite Series product? Save by purchasing product bundles and learn more about crossgrading on the “Bundles” page!