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SustineO (for Brass and Percussion)

This is a short lyrical piece for a brass and percussion, written to demonstrate the full range of Infinite Brass. The piece employs the newly-added euphonium and bass trumpet, along with 6 horns, 3 trumpets, 2 tenor trombones, 2 bass trombones, a tuba and a contrabass tuba. You can hear the euphonium singing the solo right at the beginning, as well as taking different counter-lines throughout the piece.

Infinite Brass instruments are positioned from center outwards: horns are sitting from CL 1 to L 3, trumpets from CR 1 to R 1 etc. This seating results in a denser, more centered sound. Main mics on horns, trumpets and tubas are accompanied by a small, equal amount of Spot and Ambient mics. Trombones have their Spot mics all the way up, with the Main mics a notch below, and the Ambient mics a quarter of the way down.

The horns have their dynamic range set to ~75%. There’s a soft multi-band compressor on each bus (Horns, Trumpets, Low Brass) with some tape saturation on the master.

The “Studio” version uses the Clear profile.

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