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Steel Ballroom

Steel Ballroom was the result of a speed-writing exercise some months ago; the piece was written in an afternoon, then orchestrated and produced in the next two days. It’s a fast-paced ride centered around a main rhythmic motif which is contrasted by a chord-based ominous one. Since it’s pretty brass-heavy, it’s a good show-off for all the trills, flutters shorts and swells that Infinite Brass can handle with ease.

Woodwind parts have been updated for the release of Infinite Woodwinds. Mic mix is predominantly Main mics with Spot mics right below, and Ambient mics adding just a bit of ambience, except for horns which have more Ambient than Spot mics. There’s some slow-attack multi-band compression on instrument busses, and on the master you’ll find Red 3 followed by a FET with ~25% wet compressing just a few dB each. Subtle tape saturation and a limiter are sitting at the end of the chain.

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